My Plans for #ISPI2010

So here are my picks from the many educational sessions at ISPI – including my own session with Art Willoughby, a client at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard back in 2003-2005.

He used an adapted “Curriculum Architecture Design” approach, which is one of the projects we did together, and the Navy’s ISD methodology, and changed it to the language of his clients and customers – those from the worlds of “improvement” using “lean” and “six sigma” methods and tools.

Art and I go first out of the chute, as they say, right after the Opening Keynote on Tuesday April 20th.

I also am doing a Bagel Barrel…

Practical Applications of the Management Areas of Performance Model
Guy Wallace
This session will present a Management Performance Model used by the presenter in over 20 analysis efforts for ISD and HPT efforts, including efforts for Curriculum Architecture Design, Instructional Design, and the design of a Qualification/Certification system.

Bagel Barrel (aka Cracker Barrel)
Thursday, April 22; 8:30 – 10:00 am

Here is what I will be attending. There are many, many good sessions to choose from. This was not an easy task.

Mine with Art Willoughby on Tuesday – Day 1…

Then to see (and perhaps video) Jeanne Farrington, Mary Thomas and Clare Carey…

And on Day 2 Wednesday – Carl Binder…

And Robert Brinkerhoff….

On Thusday – Day 3 – Cal Wick…

And Bill Daniels…

There is much more going on before and after these conference track times. Check it out here.

I’m very excited about this conference, but then, I always am excited about this conference. It’ll be my 29th out of 31, since that first NSPI Conference in Dallas in the spring of 1980.

If your goal goes beyond developing Learning & Development to actuial, measured “improved human performance” then I would hope to see you there at ISPI in San Francisco this April!

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