A Little ISPI Help From My Friends – Defining HPT: Human Performance Technology via Video Interviews

As the ISPI Conference is coming up, I thought I’d help a little with the marketing/promotional efforts by helping those who do not know ISPI – the International Society for Performance Improvement – and it’s methodology-set known as HPT: Human Performance Technology – or PI: Performance Improvement – or even HPI: Human Performance Improvement – define it.

So what is HPT – Human Performance Technology, the old-school term for what it is that those from ISPI tend to do for a living?

What are some examples of the applications of HPT and for what ends, what ROI? Who practices HPT and in what contexts? And who are some of the current and past “luminaries” who are lighting the paths for others to follow?

That is what I’ve tried to capture – and encourage others to do as well – with the two video podcast series that I began in 2007:

1- HPT Practitioner Series – shorter, 3-7 minutes of responses to a scripted set of questions. Intended to show the diversity of HPT practitioners and practices.

2- HPT Legacy Series – longer, 15 to 45 minutes, relaxed, some-what scripted video interview recordings. Intended to capture the thoughts of long-time members about their past association with NSPI and ISPI – and their memories of others in the profession – from “back in the day.”

HPT Practitioner Series (24)
From 2008…
Joe Harless
Guy Wallace
Marc Rosenberg
Roger Addison
Clare Carey
Roger Chevalier
Brian Desuatels
Rob Foshay
Carol Haig
Ruhe Hao
Jim Hill
Roger Kaufman
Andreas Kuehn
Miki Lane
Mark Laurin
Luise Schneider
Geary Rummler
Fred Stewart
Ray Svenson
Don Tosti
Klaus Wittkuhn

In 2009…
Joe Harless (2nd v-podcast)
Guy Wallace (2nd v-podcast)

HPT Legacy Series (7)
In 2009…
Joe Harless
Roger Addison
Miki Lane
Darryl Sink
Judy Hale
Ray Svenson
Margo Murray

I hope these give you a sense for HPT, and that it certainly is – beyond, but inclusive of, performance-based Instructional Systems Design. That’s just my area of expertise and experience. But it certainly does not define the extent of HPT.

I will be capturing more HPT Legacy and HPT Practitioner video interviews this year. I have about 12 lined up so far – which might leave me some time to attend some really great sessions – I’ve planned to attend – but will remain flexible in order to capture more videos!

And, I hope to see you in San Francisco the week of April 19th at ISPI!


Guy W. Wallace, CPT

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