An Award Winning Project: An 18-Month performance-based T&D Path Design and Development Effort for New Supervisors in a Metal Fab Unit at GM

In the spring of 1999 my firm at the time, CADDI, congratulated General Motors Corporation’s MFD (Metal Fabrication Division) Tool and Die Supervisors College for winning the 1998 Chairman’s Award – in our quarterly newsletter here. Pages 3 and 13

The award, given by General Motors Corporation CEO Jack Smith, recognizes one of the “best of the best” global business initiatives in 1998 that has helped to move the business forward. Each division within General Motors, whether in North America or in other countries, has an opportunity to win the award.

The College received the honor for the structured recruiting process and the rigorous
training and development curriculum that prepares new supervisors for a very skillful and challenging job.


This is one of the few times the award has been won around a training initiative.


The awards are usually from technical areas, according to James Ankton, manager of the College. Ankton said he believes this award is excellent recognition for the College and General Motors’ commitment to training and developing their people.

Guy Wallace facilitated the CAD analysis and design meetings and then straight into several MCD combination analysis/design meetings back in 1997 as part of a PPTT – PACT Process Technology Transfer effort (spanning 1995-2000) where hundreds, including GMU staff were trained and certified, as well as staff from a half dozen or so GM contractor communities.

The T&D Path was intended from the beginning to be 18 months of one week in the classroom and then one week on the job, applying what had been learned as well as attending to the work at hand. That was what GM was selling to the recruits from technical schools and community colleges.

Trust the Process

That was a phrase I had to repeat to those I was developing – as my PACT Processes – adapted for GMU (unnecessarily) to become the MC and MI processes – which are my CAD and MCD processes…


The GMU Video

My Clients at GMU then commissioned a video to use as an Advanced Organizer – if you will – for their internal clients.


See the full video (12 minutes) – where the GM metal fab staff and GMU staff and contractors speak about THE PROCESS … their MC/MI Processes which are my CAD & MCD Processes…

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