Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements – An Early Step Before Making Other Improvements

Balancing Conflicting Stakeholder Requirements-
by Guy W. Wallace, CPT
Originally authored in 1994, published in 1995, and updated here in 2010

Now available at here as a 16 page PDF.

I had titled it “The Customer is King – Not” – but they had the editorial prerogative.

The article was written after a discussion with a client about “the customer is king” and my resistance to including that in a 6-day “performance-based” training course for project leaders in leading multi-million dollar projects (hundreds of millions really) – when I had strong feelings about “the customer is king” sloganeering I had encountered at many of my client organizations in the 1980s and early 1990s.

So I wrote the article that created “the graphics” below – for illustrative purposes only – yours will definitely look different!

There are many other potential stakeholders not represented in the graphic/model.

Once you have the somewhat simple model – you can tease out and build a matrix for all stakeholder requirements. Some might see the last graphic as a QFD output – and they would be thinking along similar lines. QFD being Quality Function Deployment.

And the sad truth is that there might be many “conflicts” between all of those REQUIREMENTS and WANTS.

And that success will “almost always” depend on the enterprise being able to “navigate in these waters” that constantly churn.

The only constant is constant change.

Can your efforts keep up?

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