Learning Metrics that Ultimately Make Sense to Executives

The only Learning Metrics that ultimately make sense to executives are the same Business Metrics that they already track. That’s where you should get the data to “inform” your Level 4 -Results “measurement/ evaluation.”

RoI – Return on Investments.

RoE – Return on Expectations (or… Equity?).

It’s in moving the needle for business metrics.

Not Learning metrics – which are mostly “activity” and not “results” measurements. And the “activity” measurement data may be helpful when probing issues with the “results” measurement data. Otherwise….?

Whose expectations in Return on Expectations?

The CFO for Return on Equity?

Whose money is it that is invested in this Enterprise? Who else has a stake in the outcomes and processes used? Who are all of the “stakeholders” in your arena/project scope? And remember that expectations may be a combination of “needs and wants.”

Meet their needs and whatever “wants” that make sense – within the confines of the law – and in doing so – doing no evil. We need more of that.

Lessons in Making Lemonade

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