Aligning and Serving Our Clients and Stakeholders As Measured By Their Existing Metrics Is Best


Folks in the Enterprise L&D – Learning & Development business are in a product/service business.

They either build and/or buy the content needed by the target audiences they are charged to address. That could go beyond employees, and include suppliers and customers as well.

Unfortunately most organizations do a poor job at content management. They have too much redundancy. They have too many generic titles and sets of fluff content that won’t move the needle on any business metric this side of “cost.”


And then the suppliers ask the customers to use alien metrics to keep score. They aren’t quite able to use the existing business metrics as the bottom-line for their contributions to that bottom line.

So – we don’t focus on terminal business metrics and improve that by better enabling the human performers in those processes that are being measured. We don’t serve up instruction and/or information that enables that performance – because we don’t know what that is.

We more safely address TOPICs and avoid all but the the simplest of TASKs.

We need to become better stewards of those investments – those products and services we render in our marketplace – giving back to the shareholder MORE than we took to do those.

We iterate too often in our processes in applying our methods – and therefore cannot be predictable in our schedules or costs or burdens on the customer’s people that we will need to engage with.

We are “way too” iffy for most serious business people. They see too much artistic freedom and not enough business processes in-control. When a blend more toward the in-control side is needed. It is a business process, right? Serving the needs of the business and not of the employees there on the payroll to serve the business in that capacity?

If it were your money – which would you prefer?

Serious practitioners using predicatable, valid practices – and being good stewards with those assets that they create for internal (and sometimes external) audiences?

Managing Investments for Returns – or why bother?

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