A Focus Exclusively on Knowledge/Skills Keeps the Focus on Performers – But It’s Not Always "Them"

Here is my adaptation of the Ishikawa Diagram – for explaining to clients what the analysis efforts will focus on.

First: The Process itself.

Second/Third: The Enablers (Human and Environmental).

Look beyond the Knowledge/Skills – for their existence simply enables a process – or their lack thereof, disables a process. There are many other variables – that may be working for or against desired results at the same time.

What’s in your model? Are you looking for other variables at play in inadequate performance – or your attempts to bump it up a notch or two…or tenfold…when you are involved in an Instructional/Learning Development effort?

You might find a real lack of K/Ss – that when resolved – doesn’t move any needles other than the cost needles on your business metrics gauges.

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