ADDIE is a New Product Development Model for Instructional and Informational Products.

Product Managers and Brand Managers – during new product development efforts – and New Product Development teams – follow development processes that are very much like the ADDIE model familiar to most of us in the T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management business.

Using a New Product Development model does not guarantee them super positive results either.

I’ve worked with dozens of firms and their Marketing (that’s the big “M” and not little “m” type of Marketing) and the Engineering functions – to determine what the Performance Requirements were of key Target Audiences – and then what the Knowledge/Skills requirements were – and then “what was being covered adequately by the existing content” – and “what were the gaps.” And then what were the priorities (if any) for filling those gaps.

The process I employed in each effort is the PACT Processes for CAD – Curriculum Architecture.

I’ve even done CAD efforts for CAD-CAM designers! In each case they had an equivalent to the ADDIE model. Some start with their analysis equivalent – others had a Planning phase prior to jumping into at Requirements Definition – their version of Analysis.

Those calling for the death of ADDIE puzzle me. I can only conclude that they never found an approach to an ADDIE-like model for their own efforts. So they bemoan the prevalence of ADDIE.

I’m not sure what they would replace it with – unless they are looking for chaos. For artistic freedom in the what, when and how to convert cash to content.

Having successfully used an ADDIE-like approach since 1979 on hundreds and hundreds of ISD efforts – that just seems like poor stewardship to me. 

Just as many organizations got the “process bug” decades ago (thank you Geary Rummler!) and figured out how to lean their development processes by taking out all of the unnecessary steps and re-do loops to achieve greater speed to market – ISD folks need to do the same. I’ve done it – and so can you!

For my approach, proven in dozens and dozens of firms on hundreds of projects, see my book: lean-ISD – available here as a free PDF. Cover design and book Title created by the late Geary A. Rummler back in 1999.

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