Blends with a Focus on Performance Requirements

Blends for the sake of having a blend is silly. Focusing on Performance Requirements when deciding which one – or more – of the blends to use, is not.

This is a photo from my 1st visit to Hong Kong – back in 1974 – where it seemed a little odd to this midwestern boy to see the blends of old and new as exemplified in the juxtaposition of Rickshaws and Mercedes.

They were everywhere – this blend of old and new transportation vehicles – everywhere I went in Hong Kong. Along with the new and old buildings and people. More extremes than I had seen in Chicago and Kansas City and San Diego.

Each mode of delivery I had a choice of had its strengths and weaknesses. I rode in the Mercedes taxis for the longer trips – and when I really had to get someplace on time. And for the more relaxing trips, the non-rushed  trips, I rode in the Rickshaws.

And as a poor sailor – I also did my fair share of walking. My blends were driven and limited by a resource constraint. The cash in my pocket. And the situational context of my need for a ride.

When it came time to head back to the ship – typically very late at night – so as not to miss the ship’s movement early the next morning – and end up in the brig after being picked up by the Shore Patrol – I always chose the taxi as the surer, quicker way back to the harbor docks. That’s where we would be picked up by the little boats that would take us back to our larger ships out there in the middle of the harbor.

When choosing the delivery mode for instructional and informational content you need to consider the context and the real performance requirement. The shiny new thing isn’t always the right choice. It’s typically more expensive. And often not necessary.

Why have an interactive elearning module when a static PDF would have done just as well?

My advice: Invest in what makes sense – business sense – and spend shareholder equity as if it were your own – and as if you were a poor sailor.

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