Architecture Applied to Business/ Enterprise circa 1993 and Later

In the early 1990s and even before – Business Architectures were somewhat of a hot topic – depending on what circles you ran in. Back in the day.

Today it’d be about your crowd, online and/or other.

In 1993 I created this diagram for my business partners’ consideration as a way to portray an Architecture of “Enterprise data” – the kind we were generating in our consulting practices and services – and link that to our Enterprise-centric services. I recall sitting in the back seat of the rental car in Anchorage sharing this with them and beginning the dialogue about using this “view.” This was at SWI (Svenson & Wallace Inc.). My hand-drawn view:

Here is how it ended up in the center pages of our business brochure (11×17 page size):

And here is how it looks today, Guy’s version:

This has been covered in my writings and re-writings over the past two decades plus – in CADDI’s quarterly newsletter (1997-2002), articles from that time frame, articles and presentations at EPPIC Inc. (2002-today) including a series of quarterly columns at Business Process Trends ( and currently in a quarterly journal at PROVEN. Each is a little bit different – but mostly the same: WARNING: you probably don’t want to read/review each – unless you are scanning quickly – or really want to get into the nuances.

The BPTrends’ columns (all of which are included in one PDF – link above) dive deeper in to the details and provide examples of the Enterprise systems (your people may refer to them as functions/ departments ~ organizations in the hierarchy) that “provision/provide” the assets to the Enterprise/business “processes” so as to enable them.

Performance Engineering – upfront in greenfield design – or on the backend in repair design – is so not primarily about “Learning” – that’s important, sure – but usually it is secondary to other process variables – including  the process design itself.

I am not a fan of helping Training organizations forego practicing valid Instructional Analysis-Design-Development-Deployment (AD-D-D ~ ADD-DE-DE?) and segue over to Performance Improvement/Consulting – unless they are in firm partnership with the “other” organizational entities on the payroll to address overlapping issues – all known by a wide variety of names/labels – such as Industrial Engineering, Quality, Lean-Six Sigma, OD, HR’s many sub-entities, etc. – groups that will compete unless you collaborate.

And good luck at getting the top executives to take your new goal-set, to be Performance Improvement champions, if you really haven’t mastered the prime reason you are on the payroll, to develop performance orientation/ enabling/ content that leads to Performance Competence.

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