Where are my boots? The garbage is getting deeper!

It just doesn’t seem to stop – the promotions of invalid practices in the ISD and HR and Improvement spaces. My email box has been “full of it” this past week. Wasn’t there a full moon recently? Is that what’s causing this tidal flood? I’d stop these emails from these sources – but every once-in-a-while there is a gem – a diamond in the rough. So I sort through the chaff for the wheat.

It all makes me feel a need to re-watch this video that I took at the 2010 ISPI Conference, and I want to re-share it – where my friends Clare Carey, Jeanne Farrington and Mary Norris-Thomas presented: “HPT Myth Busters” – for your and my edification and enjoyment.

It is just under 90 minutes – for you viewing planning purposes…

It feels good to help them continue to set the record straight.

Please share this with those whom you feel might themselves have a need for a booster shot of truth – to ward off the continuing deluge of invalid practices – continuously coming to an email inbox near you.

# # #


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