Necessity – the Mother of Invention – of the “Lose-Me-Knot”

Boat Learning – Summer of 2010

We like to go out on our boat on Lake Norman, find a quiet spot, jump in the water and float on Noodles. Lake Norman is really a misnomer, as LKN is really a backed up river, the Catawba, with dams 39 miles apart. And as a river it has a weak current leading to the downstream dam.

So often even a quiet space on the lake, some cove in the 520 miles of shoreline and coves, there is a current, a drift, a pull downstream. And then that is often exasperated, or balanced, or overcome by the wind pushing at both the broad side of the boat and the top sun cover, which acts as a sail catching the wind.

And so, this summer especially, I found myself swimming for the boat, trying to catch up with it. Very much the anti-climax for a relaxing Noodle ride in the sun and water.

So I invented the Lose-Me-Knot (named by my wife Nancy). Now I hang out in the water and hang on to the boat, and then – go with the flow.

Much more relaxing/zen-like.

Go here for a site on Boating (and other types of) Knots – with step-by-step instructions for many knots. Very handy site.

Perhaps it’s not too late where your boat lakes! And that there are Noodles left to buy, or old used ones in inventory to redeploy.

50 of plastic boating rope (that floats!) is under $10.00. You’ll need a knife to cut the Noodles into 2 or 4 segments.

Be creative. Mix colors. Mix Noodle segment lengths. Incorporate plastic floats into the mix.

I just made two others, for my brother and sister’s recent birthdays, as they each live on the lake too. They now have their own “Lose-Me-Knot” – as they are avid boaters and floaters too!

WARNING: Keep the size of the hand-holds less than the size of a small child’s head – for safety.

And make “the holds” large enough to easily slip a hand in and out of. Or, for a foot-hold for those not on Noodles, but on a lie-down floating rafts.

How do you hang out in the water? Design it to meet those needs. Perhaps you slowly tube down a river. Your design might be very different, or slightly different. Think it through!

Mine includes a “Pool Thermometer” to let me track the lake’s water temperature.

Mr. Penguin has the right idea – even for lake boating! The water should be relaxing!

And of course, one could incorporate a floating ice chest (beer cooler) into this rig as well.

But before beginning – think about what you intend to create – and then where/how you’ll stow it – that’s store it for you land lubbers.

Begin with the end in mind. Always.

And, be safe out there on the water!

Boating is inherently dangerous. Always.

# # #

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