Either Hire Totally Maze-Bright Individuals – or Provide The Right Curriculum Architecture Guidance at the Right Time

I first heard of the quality of being “maze-bright” in the early 1980s. It was an incoming requirement in most of the big Fortune 500-type organizations that I worked in and later for as an external instructional and performance improvement consultant.

There actually was something that I read about regarding “a things to do mental list” for folks new-to-a-job – that was shared via something I read and have long ago lost.

Most of the formal hand-holding, the formal on-boarding I have seen over the past 31 years was poorly designed and then poorly deployed. And if well designed, was poorly deployed. 

And very seldom measured.

There are those who see the real benefits of recouping recruiting and selection systems investments of time and money – by more carefully screening and selecting in the first place – and then having longer retention of those same employees by continuing their development via promotions and transfers in a systematic manner.

Yes, not everyone wants a promotion and to continually need to learn new things. And maybe you really don’t want 100% of the new employees to really want that continuous development opportunity forever. That’s why you’d select a little differently, with more tolerance for variance on that hiring dimension.

Unless everyone is 100% Maze-Bright walking in the door and will come up-to-speed quickly on all the intricacies of stakeholder requirements, products and services, processes, organizational and job roles and responsibilities, and strategic changes needed, etc. – you might consider providing some guidance. 

That’s the intent of the CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design methodologies of The PACT Processes. Curriculum Architecture is concerned with determining what performance needs to be enabled, what knowledge/skills enable that, and what exists – and what does not exist.

Then business decisions about what gaps to close – as well as what content maintenance is also needed – is a client decision. Get the alternatives in front of them to decide.

The guidance of a Path or a Menu of development – using many media and modes – of the performance-required awareness, knowledge and skills needed to do the job…can have huge returns on those investments.

Might it for you?

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2 comments on “Either Hire Totally Maze-Bright Individuals – or Provide The Right Curriculum Architecture Guidance at the Right Time

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