It’s “Learning Styles” Deja Vu – All Over Again

Just as with a bad penny – Learning Styles keeps showing up. It’s back out on the Internet again – this time with a reality check about its “validity.” Good. Too many myths and just plain bad practices abound in the Learning space. The Researchers tell us so.

This from the quarterly Newsletter (Pursuing Performance) of my former firm, CADDI, back in the Summer of 2001.

One big advantage of my association with NSPI and ISPI has been to hear and read about questionable practices and claims from the researcher community within NSPI/ISPI.

While other associations were touting the wonders of Learning Styles back in 2001 – and you can still see it in many of their programs and publications today!!!! – I was getting set straight at ISPI about Learning Styles, MBTI, and other non-sense as Dale Brethower once put it, at ISPI Conferences.

Here is a video clip of a “99 Seconds” session from 2000 by Rob Foshay at ISPI on the topic of Learning Styles – warning poor audio on the video – TURN IT UP – to hear:  – which simply reinforced what I had already heard at ISPI: Learning Styles are “bogus” – to put it politely.

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3 comments on “It’s “Learning Styles” Deja Vu – All Over Again

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