Timing Is Everything – And If At First You Don’t Succeed….

In 2009 my wife and I attempted to scale the mountain trails running uphill to the headwaters of the Catawba River, which feeds first Lake James and later Lake Norman (#5 in the chain of 6 lakes).

We had gone on a beautiful weekend in the spring of 2009 – but too soon after rain in the mountains – for as we got within 50-60 feet of the top the trail became too much for us – and we stopped, enjoyed the scenery, and then headed back down the trail – which was tougher actually than going up.

This years trip back was cancelled due to Nancy’s back surgery – from which she is recovering very nicely – it’s amazing what different results you get when you add the physical therapy to your post surgery regime.

So we may have to wait another month before returning, or wait longer until spring-time.

I’d like to do both.

So my and Nancy’s boots sit in the back of my Jeep – waiting – because the headwaters are not that far from Lake James. And we’ll surely be back there once or twice yet this year.

Maybe we’ll see you on that trail. And the black dog – named Spot – he’ll probably be your guide as he was for us. Walked us up to the very top – and then guided us back down too! Just about 6-7 miles off I-40 near Old Fort NC.

For more – go here.

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