Today ASQ Begins an Initiative to “Raise the Voice of Quality”


National Quality Month is Being Moved to November

In November 2010 ASQ joins the world’s quality organizations in observing World Quality Month. Long-time ASQ followers will remember that in the United States and Canada, October has traditionally been National Quality Month and the rest of the world observed a World Quality Day in of November.

ASQ is joining the world and moving ASQ’s observance to November and hoping that its efforts will bring greater attention to the impact quality is having in every corner of the globe.

ASQ is Embracing Social Media

I received a communiqué from ASQ today…

  • Old thinking had it that it was ASQ’s job to bring attention to the importance of quality.
  • New thinking is that it’s ASQ’s job to create ways for our members’ voices to be heard.

As ASQ is really its members anyway, I think that that is a really good move – to recognize the truth. The knowledge and skills base originally resided primarily in the membership. The power of the knowledge and skills of the members in helping each other is a powerful multiplier.  Today we have new communications and collaboration technologies that also are powerful multipliers. Enable members helping each other using these new technologies and you’ll spread the Quality message further, faster.

So, what would it take to have the world realize the full potential of quality?

Over the top marketing – by sharing content.

In my view it’s in providing structured case studies from the quality trenches – in documents or audio and video formats – that can provide both guidance and cautions via content on the specific drivers, goals, approaches and tools used, and then on the lessons learned from the overall experience.

Your thoughts?

See the new ASQ Blog by ASQ Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer, Paul Borawski – here – and join in on the discussions!

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