The Blends in My Professional Learning History Included: Geary A. Rummler, PhD, CPT

Yesterday was the anniversary of one of my key mentor’s death – Geary A. Rummler. He passed away on October 29, 2008.

I miss him most when I participate in ISPI activities. I also miss him when I am doing work that causes me to use something he taught me – which is often.

Geary (pronounced like: Geery – not Gary) had agreed to sit down with me for a Video Interview (here) for my HPT Practitioner Video Podcast Series at the 2008 ISPI Conference in NYC – and at that time said he would do an hour to two hour less-scripted video interview the next year – for my HPT Legacy Video Podcast Series.

BTW – links to all 45+ videos from those two series are available on this web site – here.

On that page is a 46 minute video of Geary At Motorola’s Training & Education Center (MTEC) – the forerunner to Motorola University – from back in 1981. I was in attendance in that day-long session that has been boiled down to 46 minutes. There is even a workbook that goes with that video that I recently found and scanned.

I watched that video again fairly recently and found all of it to be relevent today – for its focus is on enabling performance. I think it definitely worth the 46 minute investment in time to watch it – and to re-watch it.

Above is a photo of Geary and me taken in 1981 – working on a project at Motorola that eventually became Six Sigma – the story retold here by my MTEC colleague and later PDL partner, Alan Ramias.

I reinvest in it – that video – again from time to time; after all I’ve had that video in my possession for decades – before the technology enabled me – and with Geary’s permission I uploaded the video to Google Video so that others could download their own personal copy.

Thank you Dr. Rummler for all that you gave me – and others. And for all that you continue to give.

Geary and his partners at PDL were writing several books at the time of Geary’s death – here is a link to the PDL web site – and links to the new book: Revisiting the White Space. Note that a new book “Managing Value in Organizations: Aligning Business Processes, People, and Technology” has yet to be released.

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