Get Involved Professionally – 31 Years Ago I Got Involved In My Professional Organization

This is from the then NSPI Chapter – MSIT – the Michigan Society for Instructional Technology – Newsletter – November 1979…

I was signed up to this MSIT Newsletter Committee by my boss, which run by by co-worker, at my very first MSIT meeting, that September after I was graduated from the University of Kansas, in August 1979.

They thought that as I had been a Journalist in the USN – that it would be a perfect fit. I had backed into ISD/ID via my Radio/ TV/ Film degree – and my interest in educational TV (at the time) – and had my leveraged my college job at the Wickes Lumber Center in Lawrence Kansas into a post-college job at the Wickes HQ in Saginaw Michigan – starting in August of 1979 – days after graduation.

One month later – after hearing about it for a month – I attended my first MSIT meeting – 100 miles each way – from Saginaw to Detroit down and up I-75. Worth the time and gas. Every time.

Whatever professional affinity group meets your needs – make sure that you work hard enough, get involved enough, for this to really pay dividends for you both on-going – and later. In many ways it pays. If you get involved.

But just as with Lotto – you can’t win unless you play.

Professional Development can be less of a gamble – with the right group of people.

Minimize your risks. Determine how serious your potential affinity group is about what really works – and why – versus what they are really into. It’s OK to be passionate. Just be professional about it. People really love it when both are present.

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