Risk and Rewards and Process Clarity Are the Drivers for Decisions on Formality of Instruction & Information

If Informal Learning still means unguided – where you’re on your own out there as a free range learner out on the free range of content – then from an Enterprise perspective – anything not Formal is Informal by choice, by design. Or due to a financial constraint. If it was critical enough – it would be addressed Formally. It would make sense to invest in Learning to avoid a Risk and/or achieve a Reward – depending on the math. Why spend a buck? To make much more than a buck back.

If spending, Investing, a buck in your Learning efforts brings back only 80 cents in Returns, then that is bad business. Focus on the critical performance of the few versus the needs of the many.

I believe that the Risks to be avoided and/or the Rewards to be achieved – for each situation – are what should drive those decisions as the business decisions that they are. And that is also a function on the clarity of the process.

Formal or Informal. And if not black and white – where on the scale, on the continuum?

This is one of the many business decision inherent in all ISD efforts.

Hopefully your process both anticipates and accommodates them quickly.

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