My Version of HPT: EPPI – Enterprise Process Peformance Improvement

Many portions of HR have morphed or clustered and morphed into Talent Management – or perhaps all components depending on your view.

Many Talent Management efforts use Competencies to drive everything. But is this a good hook to hang your hat on?

Competencies are enablers – in most Competency Models. But there is more to the Human Asset than just their Competencies – however framed.

When looking at Competencies or Learning – do your clients a big favor – and look for clues and cues about problems/ opportunities regarding all of these other enablers of performance – alone or in a blend with others. That’s probably where your real leverage will be – assuming the Process itself is designed well enough and practiced well enough and is resourced well enough – to meet the requirements of all of its stakeholders – well enough.

I’ve been writing about this for quite a while. I’m currently being published – 8 of 11 columns submitted have been published – at PROVEN.

Subscriptions to PROVEN are available at:

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