Raising the Voice of Quality

ASQ has begun a new initiative to Raise the Voice of Quality

I have been invited to participate in their new ASQ Influential Voices – along with about a dozen others.

But “Quality” is aka (also known as) by many other names/ labels/ brands.

So how, or can we, take the potential discord of the many names and faces of Quality – and create harmony?

Can we promote a thing called QUALITY when so many versions and perspectives exist? Without dis-respecting some group via inadvertent omission?

Can we Raise the Voice of Quality without focusing on one of the many, varied, valid approaches to impacting Human performance, Process performance, Enterprise performance, and Societal performance.

That is our collective challenge. And actually – that’s all been going on for a long time. The real challenge – is getting our arms around it all to see how they all fit, situationally, in addressing root causes (problem solving process re-design) and potential root causes (greenfield process design).

Join in and tell us – during this World Quality Month – How you give Voice to Quality.

Check out the Blog of the Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer of ASQ, Paul Borawski–  at: http://asq.org/blog/

There he kicks off this initiative with this question:

“What would it take to have the world realize the full potential of quality?”

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