A Collection of Modules Is Not A Modular Curriculum

Thinking about this with the end in mind and backward chaining…

I want Learning modules of “how to” content on many – if not all – of my task responsibilities. In the PACT Process those modular Instructional Activities, Lesson and Events all include – or leads directly to content that includes all of the key task responsibilities – and those are found in Tier 4 or 5 in the Enterprise Content Architecture’s inventory system for final products, sub-assemblies and components. Here – below – is a photo of me in 2000 where I am pointing out some Module on an Inventory Poster for the Tier 5 Modules of a Curriculum Architecture Design effort for a critical target audience for the client.

Then before I get that I may need enabling content for enabling awareness, knowledge or skills. And before that will somebody please give me an advanced organizer to frame the complexity that I’ll soon be sloughing through! And before that will you explain the organization and our business, marketplace and strategies and tactics tied to current goals?

Oh – and if you package that – can you keep it evergreen? We can’t have out-of-date content that will increase our liabilities.

So please get that organized.

The 5 Tier framework for organizing and inventorying CAD Modules from the Events on the Paths…

Think of these as drawers on the file cabinets of all of your Master Materials – in a digital sense – and how you store the component Lessons of Events and the component Instructional Activities of Lessons.

The goal of organizing your content better – is to facilitate planning and management of that content.

Think about calling up a prior design to modify it for another use. Think about reusing much of the existing content associated with that design – as is – or – after modification.

Think about doing this ReUse within a Curriculum Architecture approach at the enterprise level, the learner level and at the product level.

All it requires is an overarching architectural logic. And that’s a data logic.

Can you really call it a Curriculum Architecture without the engineering/ architectural LOGIC?

And of course the graphic presents just the tip of the iceberg of the data logic of PACT.

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