New PROVEN Magazine is out: The Last in My Quarterly Series on EPPI – My Version of HPT Leading to HPI

I think of HPT as the means to the ends of HPI.

That’s Human Performance Technology leading to Human Performance Improvement.

My ongoing quarterly columns on EPPI – my version of HPT leading to HPI – in PROVEN – has come to an end with the latest issue.

 The Big Picture of EPPI

In keeping with my view that as important (critically important) the Customers are – they are not Kings. There are other Stakeholders whose requirements out-weigh the Customers’ needs/wants.

Of course YOUR VIEW of Stakeholders may vary. As always – it depends.

Adapt what you cannot or should not adopt!

The next graphic is my starting place for analysis of a department – or a team or a function and even an entire Enterprise. I never thought I’d be successful in convincing my clients to reorganize from their Functional organization designs into Process organization designs – so I met them where they were – in Functions – and then looked at their Process responsibilities. I think of it as a Process-centric Functional approach.


Departments and their people Operate their own owned Processes – and Support Process owned by others.

Each Process can be broken down into what I call AoPs – Areas of Performance.

But the labels don’t really matter – AoPs are aka: Major Duties, Accomplishments, Key Results Areas, etc.

Next is understanding the Processes themselves and then teasing out the enablers – both Human enablers and non-Human enablers. What I refer to as the Human Asset Enablers and the Environmental Asset Enablers.


And once those required/performance-based enablers are understood – in a holistic sense – the functions/ departments that provide and support those enablers can be assessed for their adequacy.

This is what the PROVEN Series addressed.

And that series was an adaptation from a similar series published at BPTrends – Business Process Trends 2005-2007.

I’ve compiled all of the BPTrends columns into one PDF available here.

Remember: Adapt what you cannot or should not Adopt!

Oh yes – one more point – an important point: the term Technology in HPT is about the application of Science.

Not the use of computers.

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