Training/ Learning/ Knowledge Management Organizations – Assess Your Processes Yourself

Preliminary Assessment Tool – Chapter 5

TDSV Prelim Assess Tool

39 pages to assess 47 processes in the 12 sub-systems.

The T&D Leadership systems and processes determine where to strategically place the enterprise bets. Resource allocation is a decision better left in the hands of the customers and other stakeholders. The role of the T&D system is to facilitate the leadership of the enterprise through the processes to decide where and what to allocate.

See systems 12 through 4 on the clock-face diagram above.

– T&D Governance and Advisory System – This system’s processes organize all of the key stakeholders of the enterprise in order to formalize the channels of communication for providing advice from the T&D internal marketplace customers and governance from the leaders of the enterprise.

– T&D Strategic Planning System – This system’s processes organize all of the strategic planning for T&D to ensure that T&D’s plans and efforts are consistent with the strategic plans of the critical elements of the enterprise.

– T&D Operations Planning and Management System – This system’s processes organize and guide the day-to-day operations and management of the various T&D operations to ensure consistency with the strategies of T&D and the strategies of its key, critical stakeholders.

– T&D Cost/Benefits Measurement System – This system’s processes organize the measurement and reporting of all T&D metrics and provide the data and interpretations, where appropriate, to the T&D leadership, staff, and all of the key customers and stakeholders in the T&D marketplace.

– T&D Process Improvement System – This system’s processes organize the quality/process improvement efforts for both continuous improvement and discontinuous improvement to the processes of the entire T&D system.

Assess yourself…

Free T&D Systems View book PDF is available on this site here.

This book offers a model intended by the author (me) to be used as both a diagnostic tool – and as a design tool.

Early Reviews in 2001 

What some of the early reviewers people wrote about “T&D Systems View” in 2001

Judith Hale – Hale Associates 

“T&D Systems View is an excellent resource for anyone with a management role in training.  The book has useful guidelines and models on how to structure and manage the T&D function.  The models should drive meaningful discussions that lead to better decisions about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the enterprise’s leadership, T&D as a function, and T&D’s internal customers.”

Miki Lane – MVM Communications 

Guy Wallace has done it again!  After demystifying the ISD process in his “lean-ISD” book he tackles the corporate training and development system and puts it in a business-focused perspective.  Whether you are in-house or serving as an external consultant you will find Guy’s model an invaluable tool for enterprise training and development.

This analytic and design process ensures that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when moving your company or client to learning by design, not learning by chance.  The elegant clock-faced model helps you develop a clear picture of any organization and clearly helps you map out how best to effectively manage all the elements of the enterprise. Once the elements are mapped out, the model, through enclosed assessment and prioritizing tools helps determine where and when to put corporate assets to maximize corporate return on investment.  This is a must have book for any consultant or organization that is concerned about improving the performance of their organization through improving processes and competencies.

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