Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m a little bothered by more claim jumping in my field. About the roles and responsibilities of CLOs – Chief Learning Officers

What’s being “claimed jumped” is the responsibility to lead the organization.

That’s in addition to jumping the claim for chosing the collaboration tools to best affect Social Networking at work.

Those who do not see Learning as a key enabler – a “shaked” – and not “the movers and shakers” of an enterprise – will struggle as they attempt to wrest control for such – only to be rewarded for that responsibility where they will find that it is the managers in the middle who hold the real responsibility and authority to make any of this happen – so that it might be both effective and efficient in getting the jobs done that they are on the payroll to accomplish.

That’s akin to IT making things easier for themselves rather than for their customers. And deciding which and what is best and not.

If Learning – or Training – or Knowledge Management functions would see that their job is to enable the jobs of others given their realities.

And as good folks they are – they would use their HPT knowledge/skills and insights when looking at any performance situation,  looking for other variables that might be of issue in terms of what enables a process and what inhibits a process.

It’s not always about the enabling knowledge/skills of the target audience. But often enough it’s in the mix that it is often confused with being the key variable. It often is not.

CLOs – stick to your knitting! Enable your Clients. Don’t tell them how to best run and enable their businesses.

But you might try facilitating them to do so for themselves.

# # #

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