Assess Yourself!

Regardless of your function’s/department’s name – if your function is to provide knowledge and skills building content to the people of an Enterprise – then you may wish to adopt/adapt this approach and tool for assessing the adequacy and formality of the processes of your function for getting that job done.  

This one page assessment guide is augmented by several resources available for free on the EPPIC web site.

Those resources include:

This graphic:

The book PDF:

4 Audio Podcasts:

 Audio Podcasts on T&D Systems View

TDSV_Podcast_1_of_4 – Intro to the Model





T&D Systems View Content

  Governance and Advisory Systems and Processes for Training and Development



T&D Systems View Content

 T&D Systems View – ISPI – 2000

 TDSV – ISPI Fall Conference – 2004

 TDSV Assessment – 5 Day WS – 2007

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2 comments on “Assess Yourself!

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  2. This topic has been on my mind a LOT lately. In fact, I’ve been posting about this in my grad school group on linkedIn as well as the ISPI National group.

    Thank you for sharing this!


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