ISPI AFC Members – Mark Your Calendars: February 15th

ISPI Armed Forces Chapter members – mark your calendars – Tuesday February 15th at 1 pm East Coast Time!

We’ll be taking a closer look at this – the architectural framework for taking a process-centric view of functional organization structures.

That architecture further breaks down into AoPs – Areas of Performance – in a 4 tier structure – see below – where sets of Processes (Systems) can be organized.

Key is identifying – for a team – department – function – Division/Business Unit – the Processes owned and supported by that organizational entity. Therein lies the Performance Competence requirements for the enabling human assets – and all of the other enabling assets there to support peak process performance.

From the ISPI AFC web site:

Enterprise Process Performance Architecture

Linking HR/Performance Improvement Services to the needs of the business/Enterprise – explicitly – requires a view of the business/ Enterprise that is authentic. I prefer to link things to actual process performance versus enabling Competencies. That linking to the Processes might require an organization scheme to first picture all of an Enterprise’s processes – a somewhat difficult thing to do in many Enterprises – as processes are of varied lengths and complexity, themselves link to many upstream and downstream processes – are sometimes routine and sometimes on-demand – and sometimes require rigidity and sometimes need to be very to fairly flexible.

Once you’ve got a view of the Enterprise Process Performance Architecture (EPPA) – also known by other terms – you can begin to articulate the individual processes both owned and not-owned-but-supported for every organizational entity. Of course not all organizational entities require such treatment – from an ROI perspective – but may be desirable due to the needs of an ERP system, or IT or HR systems implementation, etc. And after those needs of the Enterprise Systems & Processes are determined – the various Enterprise organizations that “provision” the enabling people and non-people things to the Processes, thus enabling the Processes can be assessed for their adequacy.

Guy W. Wallace’s session will overview his model for your adaptation. You
will participate in a quick personal exercise to provide yourself with an
example before the final Q&A portion of this quick-paced 60 minute webinar.

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Join the AFC here.

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Note: I will make the slides and handouts available here on this web site after this session.

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