Is Your T&D/ L&D/ KMS Function Process-Centric?

There Are 47 Processes Called Out in T&D Systems View

Yes, 47.

As my fellow ISPI Board of Directors member John Swinney said in his “Early Reviewer Comments” back in 2001:

“At first glance, T&D Systems View paints a formidable picture of the ideal business-driven training and development organization. Then, it dawns on you that, intentionally or not, formally or informally, you’re already doing these things. The question Guy Wallace raises is, ‘How well?’ If I were a CEO, this is how I would look at my training and development function.”  —John Swinney

Well – do you? Have these?

Whether you have them formally recognized or not – are these the processes within your Instructional Design/Development – and hopefully with analysis and a bit of project planning & project management thrown in too?

Those 47 Processes of my T&D Systems View are:

12 O’clock: T&D Governance and Advisory System

1.  T&D Governance Process

2.  T&D Advisory Process

1 O’clock: T&D Strategic Planning System

1.  Enterprise Strategic Plans Surveillance Process

  1. T&D Strategic Planning Process


2 O’clock: T&D Operations Planning and Management System

1.  Annual Operations Planning and Budgeting Process

2.  Quarterly Operations Planning and Budgeting Updates Process

3.  Forecasting and Accounting Process

3 O’clock: T&D Cost/Benefits Measurement System

1.  Cost/Benefits Measurement System Design and Deployment Process

2.  Ongoing Cost/Benefits Measurement and Feedback Receiving Process

3.  T&D Project Lessons Learned Process

4.  Results Reporting and Archiving Process

4 O’clock: T&D Process Improvement System

1.  T&D Issues Generation and Assessment Process

2.  T&D Improvement Project Planning and Management Process

5 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Design System

1.  T&D Product and Service Line Program Management Process

2.  T&D Product Line Design Process

3.  T&D Service Line Design Process

6 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Development/
Acquisition System

1.  T&D Product and Service Line Development and Acquisition Program Management Process

2.  T&D Custom Development Process

3.  T&D Purchased Product Acquisition Process

4.  T&D Purchased Product Modification Process

5.  Existing T&D Maintenance Process

7 O’clock: T&D Product and Service Line Deployment System

1.  T&D Master Materials Storage and Retrieval Process

2.  T&D Master Materials Change Management Process

3.  T&D Scheduling Process

4.  T&D Facilitator and Coach Development and Certification Process

5.  Facilitator-led T&D Deployment Process

6.  Self-paced T&D Deployment Process

7.  Coached/Mentored T&D Deployment Process

8 O’clock: T&D Marketing and Communications System

1.  T&D Stakeholder Communications Process

2.  Individual T&D Planning Process

3.  T&D Ordering and Registration Process

9 O’clock: T&D Financial Asset Management System

1.  Organizational T&D Plans and Budget Roll-up and Adjustment Process

2.  T&D Physical Property Management Process

10 O’clock: T&D Human and Environmental Asset Management System

1.  T&D Staff Recruiting and Selection/Succession Process

2.  T&D Staff Training and Development Process

3.  T&D Staff Assessment Process

4.  T&D Staff Compensation and Benefits Process

5.  T&D Staff Rewards and Recognition Process

6.  T&D Organization Structural Design Process

7.  T&D Facilities Development and Deployment Process

8.  T&D Equipment and Tools Development and Deployment Process

9.  T&D Materials and Supplies Acquisition and Deployment Process

10.  T&D Information Systems Development and Deployment Process

11.  T&D Methods Deployment Process

11 O’clock: T&D Research and Development System

1.  T&D Methodology and Technology Surveillance Process

2.  T&D Internal and External Benchmarking Process

3.  T&D Methodology and Technology Pilot-Testing Process

Miki Lane’s Early Reviewer Comments back in 2001:

“Guy Wallace has done it again! After demystifying the ISD process in his lean-ISD book, he tackles the corporate training and development system and puts it in a business-focused perspective. Whether you are in-house or serving as an external consultant, you will find Guy’s model an invaluable tool for enterprise training and development.

This analytic and design process ensures that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s when moving your company or client to Learning by Design, not Learning by Chance. The elegant clockface model helps you develop a clear picture of any organization and clearly helps you map out how best to effectively manage all the elements of the enterprise. Once the elements are mapped out, the model, through enclosed assessment and prioritizing tools, helps determine where and when to put corporate assets to maximize corporate return on investment.

This is a must-have book for any consultant or organization that is concerned about improving the performance of their organization through improving processes and competencies.”

—Miki Lane
Senior Partner
MVM Communications


Additional Early Reviewers back in 2001 wrote:


“T&D Systems View is an excellent resource for anyone with a management role in training. The book has useful guidelines and models on how to structure and manage the T&D function. The models should drive meaningful discussions that lead to better decisions about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the enterprise’s leadership, T&D as a function, and T&D’s internal customers.”

—Judith Hale, Ph.D.

Hale Associates



“If you are not actively controlling the critical components of your T&D efforts, then they are by definition out of control. T&D Systems View provides an extremely comprehensive overview of all of the processes that contribute to a successful T&D system. Guy Wallace then takes the next step by showing you how to select those processes that are most critical to the success of your organization and how to get them under control before someone else does it for you. This is a must read for anyone interested in more closely aligning the T&D function with the organization’s strategy.”

—George West

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.


T&D Systems View is available as a hardbound book at Amazon here – a Kindle here – and a free PDF here.

This content was updated in the summer of 2011 and is now available in this new book: The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook.

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