Tip: Doing Drawings for Door Prizes Without Chumping Some Out

Do you do drawings when speaking – to give a way door prizes, your books, etc.? Or when you bring in speakers to your sessions?

Years ago I was collecting business cards in a hat (OK, a box) at a session that I had delivered, for a drawing of a couple of my books that I had brought specifically for this event.

And as I had for years I said, “If you don’t have a business card with you, just write your name on a scrap of paper and put it in the hat (OK, box).

As I made my way around the assembled, reaching the box out to them for their cards and scraps of paper – I overheard one participant remark something along the lines of, “Yeah, fat chance that my scrap of paper will be selected.”

I proceeded to the front of the room where my host drew from the box (could have been a hat but it wasn’t). I felt bad for them all of a sudden. They had this choice to make – in front of everyone. Pull a business card out of the box – or pull a scrap of paper. There was no escaping that it was going to be soley up to them at this point.

Either way some part of the audiences was going to feel chumped. And the card puller was probably feeling uncomfortable at having to be THE person who was going to throw the drawing to one crowd or another. They too could feel chumped.

From then on I began to bring a stack of blank cards – and pens – for those without business cards.

No one feels chumped as I have leveled the playing field for all. No sense going to all that trouble – preparing and speaking to a group – and then chumping out some portion of those who came. It’s a no-win. Turn it into a win-win! A win-win being fair to all – not where they each win a door prize!

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