2 Hour Video on performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design

Here I am at Eli Lilly – in 1995 – speaking on CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design.

CAD is part of my PACT Processes – my set of Instructional Systems Design methodologies.

This was the presentation given at the ISPI Conference earlier that year. Extended just a bit (30 minutes) by me from the 90 minute timeframe of ISPI Educational Sessions.

Note the use of Overhead Transparencies – from back in the day. Way back.

My first national presentation on CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design – was to ISPI (back when it was NSPI) 10 years earlier in 1985 – and a copy of that presentation handout is available here. I had done a Cracker Barrel session the prior year (1984) on CAD at the Chicago Chapter of NSPI for a “local audience.”

That’s how it was done back then – one would present at the local chapter – and then go National.

My next presentation on CAD will be a Webinar: Performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – for the Central Missouri ASTD Chapter – May 12, 2011 at 12 CST. Details on their Chapter web site at: www.cmoastd.org

I’ve done 74 CAD projects for Enterprise clients since my first in 1982. I see architecture of Curriculum including engineering of content and the processes that underlie conducting such efforts – and extending into New Product Development efforts – which is known mostly by the ADDIE-model – my profession’s version of what Engineering organizations might see as the same as their product development processes – which many of my Engineering/Manufacturing clients concluded after experiencing a project with me.

If this topic really interests you – there is the 1984 Training Magazine article available here – and detailed coverage of CAD as one of 3 levels of Instructional Design in my book: lean-ISD here.

CADs don’t produce new content. They define the performance-based needs for Awareness, Knowledge and Skills – rationalize all existing content for it’s ReUse potential and prioritize the gaps – in a collaborative process with the Target Audiences’ stakeholders and driven by the Master Performers. That can lead to productive Rapid Development – where when the dust settles – it – the modular content – all makes sense and fits together. And is more predictable in terms of both first costs of any/all new development (via an ADDIE-like process) and for the life cycle costs.

If you build it – for first costs – will you maintain it at the predicted life cycle costs? If not, why build it in the first place. Do something else, something cheaper. Go Informal.

Invest the shareholder’s equity as if it were your own money!

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