For ISPI Presenters – a Video Commercial to Run/Repeat – As Your Audience Assembles

Here is a 5-plus minute video with a music soundtrack I am offering to all ISPI Presenters at the 2011 Conference in Orlando in April.

It’s a bit of a commercial for: ISPI’s 50th, ISPI 2011, the CPT designation, and The ICC: ISPI Chapters Coalition. The imagery regarding the 50th is every-other slide – with some upbeat jazz in the background – jazzy elevator music.

Anyway you can create your own if you like! The more the better! Share them with others!

Download your own copy – here – and play that (on Replay/Repeat) before your ISPI Session in Orlando – and help Lynn Kearny and I solicit digital artifacts from NSPI’s and ISPI’s 50 year history! You can use software from DVDVideoSoft to download that video at BlipTV- – or other software.

Thank you!

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