The Awareness/ Knowledge/ Skills Required for Those Practicing ISD Via The PACT Processes

It seems there have been a few lists such as the following out on the Internet lately – according to my Google Reader’s flow of content the past few weeks.

The following graphics lay out my view of the Knowledge/Skills need by PACT Practitioners – who follow the adopted/adapted methods of The PACT Processes for T&D/ Learning/ Knowledge Management. This is covered in lean-ISD’s appendices C.

What I’ve left off of this list are specifics about your authoring tools, LMS/LCMS, and various Social Media – which you should be familiar with to a greater or a lessor extent depending on your job’s task assignments and what your Enterprise uses. Add those as appropriate to your situation.

The PACT Process Facilitator Knowledge and Skills Assessment and Planning PDF – here is the document as a PDF.

Click on the following graphics to enlarge/copy – or just click on and then copy the PDF above.

There are some key attributes, values and knowledge required…


What is being facilitated – is key…



Yes – it’s a lot. Have you made significant progress on those items where you have the greatest need?

lean-ISD is available as a free 410-page PDF here.

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