Focus on Performance Competence and Enable That

It just seems to me that many, too many, in the “Learning Space” don’t focus on the ends (performance) – but focus on the means (methods/tools).

I like tools (gizmos) – and technology (applied science, not gizmos) as much as the next fan. But for the purpose of Performance Improvement, most often; for pure fun, less often.

In an Enterprise Learning Context (versus Educational Learning or Personal Learning) I use the above graphic/model as my mental model – unless I feel it OK to make explicit and draw it out by hand – or call up the graphic from the wizardry tools of IT.

I focus on Performance Competence requirements – the ideal state and the current state – as driven by the Processes – which themselves may be the “nut to crack” to get after improved performance. Perhaps making the Process itself doable, lean and with reduced variation – or – increased variation (innovation) as needed.

Stakeholders, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE CUSTOMER, set the metrics, measures and standards – whether you like it or not.

And once the Performance Competence Requirements are clear – and appropriate/ not “out-of-balance” with the Stakeholder Requirements – then any gaps in the enablers required can be determined and traced back to their “Provisioning Systems/Processes/Organizations” to see where their processes and enablers may need to be addressed. Perhaps they need different enablers. Or a fixed Process – lean and/or with Six Sigma levels of variation. Or other enablers.

Check out the Big Picture of EPPI – or Gilbert’s BEM – or Binder’s Six Boxes – or the dozens of other, overlapping/more-alike-than-not models and methods we operating in this space have created.

But – focus on performance and enable that. That focus BEFORE starting will provide you with what L4, L3 and L2 will require. L1 of course has been shown to be less than valid – often (see Roger Chevalier: here).

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