Management Development – of Enabling Competencies – or Performance Competence?

If your current efforts use Competencies as your organizing framework of content and learning goals – then please look at a list of those Competencies now – and ask yourself – if we hired everyone who already had these – could they run the business? 

Or, what else would they need – in addition to demonstrated proficiency at these Competencies?

What does having these Competencies in place really do for us? What if anything would be next? Or before?

Where does the current approach lead to?

I always think – and ask others to do the same – about the application exercises (the APPOs in PACT’s MCD/IAD ISD methodologies/processes) for their list of Competencies.

Imagine those. What do they look like for the Learners? What does Practice – as in Drill and Practice – look like? Is it even clear to us via of our models and framework?

Or is THAT – figuring out what their own applications of this “really cool management development stuff” in their real context look like, feel like, vary – up to each Learner/Manager? And how does that – with its own variance – vary from other managers’ contextual needs? Etc.

Is it the same application for everyone – or are there a lot of differences – as driven by the different Performance Contexts – for different Learners?

And then – how is ours authentic enough to really be working? Is ours authentic enough?

How does ours flex with the inevitable and continuous changes in our business? Or are we preparing people for the past?

My approach – in 22 formal Management Curriculum Development efforts for clients going back to 1986 – is to: focus on Performance – and enable that.

My model for managerial performance starts with this “straw-man model” developed by my former business partners at SWI in the mid-1990s after we collectively had done over 20 analyses of management – mostly for curriculum development efforts at the front end of the client’s build/buy spree to put something in place…

If you are not focused on “Performance Competence” – specific to each Performance Context – most likely that you are spilling Management Development investment dollars – for your transfer will be nil. Not authentic enough.

Prepare your future managers and leaders with a focus on your unique business – and structure – and context.

Context is king.

Dealing with the authentic context versus some abstract construct of same will always lead more quickly to Performance Competence of the manager population – the typical goal for the investment dollars.

The book that can help you get there – to authentic Management Performance Competence – is available as a free 274-page PDF – here.

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