Analysis for Instruction Can Be Easily Expanded Into Analysis for Overall Performance Competence Improvement

If your Instructional and Performance Improvement analysis data doesn’t immediately clarify this – Performance Competence requirements – then what are you really accomplishing? If you are doing Instructional analysis this will help clarify what can be addressed by Instruction – and what cannot. And what the value is for addressing this problem/opportunity regardless of its type. The value of the R for the I. And the I for those Rs.

Is your Instructional and Performance Improvement analysis scalable. Can you focus in on small task-sets – and integrate that into an overall picture – an architecture – of Enterprise Process Performance? Can you over time complete the architectural map with greater detail – making connections with other parts of the architecture?

Do you systematically tease out the enablers – in a consistent manner – one effort to the next? Are you building out an inventory of what is needed – that can be maintained (in an ERP systems, etc.)?

Do you have a consistent model for those Enterprise Systems in place that enable, provision, create those “in Process capabilities” – and at the right capacity?

And do you have one for the Environmental (everything non-human – or that doesn’t define the job tasks) variables?

The Big Picture of EPPI…

It’s about “Process Performance” and the measures and standards for those – as set by all of the Stakeholders – and how well those targeted Processes are enabled by other Enterprise Systems/Processes…

It’s all about Performance and enabling it.

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