Imagine the Chain of Change Requirements – And Share That Imagery

Do you have a “Data Logic” on paper or in your head as how to think about, assess/analyze the “change needs” driven by “one change?”

This is especially important as one starts out – to help calculate the Investment costs in an ROI estimate. Unanticipated additional changes require investment dollars – and the surprises unanticipated changes bring to that ROI calculations may have been enough to dissuade management from this improvement adventure.

This is mine…

Such as Regulatory changes…

Or after leaning/Six Sigma-ing a process or two or many…

Or adding Products to the Product line…

And most importantly – is it a shared model – to “facilitate better communications” between all parties?

Here is a compilation of 11 quarterly columns published by BPTrends (Business Process Trends) that go into a great deal of detail on this – here. From 2005-2007.

And here is a link to these and other  publications I have at BPTrends – here.

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