ISPI 2011 Quickly Revisited

This past week’s ISPI Conference in Orlando – was my 30th out of the last 32. I attended my first in Dallas in 1980. ISPI – where I am a Past President – is my Professional Home – a phrase started by Char Wells – another PP – Past President of the Society.

These 3 posters from the ISPI Newcomers Session – done as always by my friend Lynn Kearny – were posted in the main hallway at the ISPI Conference.

Click on each to enlarge. Note the definition of Technology as Applied Science in the graphic below…

Contact Lynn here if you are interested in her graphics services!

I had arrived on Saturday afternoon – and went immediately to the Chapter Leadership Workshop which was winding down. Here Jim Craumer leads a transition from one speaker to the next.

I was presented with this plaque by the CPC – Chapter Partnership Committee. I was not expecting this – so it was a very nice surprise.

Sunday at 7 am the Research to Practice Day began – hosted by Harold Stolovitch. This was a wonderful event – speaking of applied science.

For lunch that day I attended the Past President’s Luncheon – a great chance to catch up with them – one of my favorite parts of every conference – since 2004.

At the end of that day I attended the Speed Mentoring Session  – and helped Carol Haig who was standing in for Clare Carey. I was a mentor for one of the 3 rounds – when asked specifically by one of the attendees.

Below Roger Kaufman – on the right – is the Mentor. This was Roger’s 48th out of the 49 Conferences thus far – he missed one a couple of years back having to have foot surgery. He holds the attendance record!!!

This is a fun fast-paced round of interactions and a lot of seeking of and giving of advice.

Sometimes Mentors were doubled up! Here Mary Thomas (on the right) speaks with two attendees.

I was a judge in this year’s HPT Case Competition – a very rewarding experience.

I did several video testimonials for the Case Competition – from a judge from this year and a judge from the last year. We hope to get the students to submit videos to provide their perspective on their entire experience.

I also did 12 video interviews for my HPT Practitioner and HPT Legacy Video Podcast Series. That was started in 2008 – and I have got over 50 now (or will have soon – after my editing/production and posting chores).

This year I captured videos of Harold Stolovitch, Char and Fred Wells, Rich Pearlstein, Bob Carlton, Roger Chevalier, Deborah Stone, Timm Esque, Dawn Papaila, Alan Ramais, Gary DePaul and Matt Donovan.

Because of this Video thing I started and cannot seem to hand-off – I didn’t attend one educational session or mini-workshop (again) – and was stuck in the Egret Room at the Walt Disney Swan hotel – a room with a view…

The current set of my HPT Legacy and Practitioner videos are listed here – with links to the various places I’ve had to host them.

I missed my annual booster shot of at least one Thiagi session. But we did get a chance to chat for a few minutes at the Awards Luncheon – where our Charlotte Chapter was recognized with a Chapter of Excellence award – that 2 other chapters received.

I received this recognition from the ISPI Armed forces Chapter for doing a webinar for them this past February.

Perhaps the AFC Leadership thinks I (and the other speakers) have been up “that” creek – sans paddle – for too long – and/or – too many times.

Just kidding!

As always it was a great conference – reconnecting with old friends – all with a common bond – evidence-based HPT – Human Performance Technology – the means to the ends of HPI – Human Performance Improvement.

Next year: Toronto – ISPI’s 50th Anniversary – and one of the keynote speakers – is one of my favorite researchers, Dr. Richard E. Clark.

It’s Toronto – in Canada – meaning if you are a USA American – you’ll need your Passport!

Plan ahead! Start soon with the Passport office as needed!

See you there!

# # #

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