4 Free Book PDFs from Guy W. Wallace

I never wrote these books to fund my retirement. Not directly anyway. I wrote them to assist my clients and others in adapting my models and methods – all derivatives and applications of models and methods I learned from others – mostly at NSPI and ISPI.

lean-ISD – is about my 3 levels of Instructional Design – and their common Analysis and Project Planning & Management concepts, models, methods, tools and techniques. The 3 levels are: Curriculum Architecture Design, Modular Curriculum Development (the ADDIE-like level) and Instructional Activity Development (a level below the Event/ Course/ Learning Object level) – all a modular approach to ID/ISD – not an approach to a Curriculum of Modules. 410 pages. Written in 1998/9. Cover design by the late Geary A. Rummler (who thought the original design too busy/too jargon-y) when he reviewed a draft pre-publication.

T&D Systems View – a process look at a T&D (L&D) function/department. 47 distinct processes in 12 sub-Systems. This is an early adaptation of the L-C-S model (Leadership- Core- Support) for teasing out all of the processes of any organization at any level – first written about as the framework for a “Business Architecture” in my former business partners’ and my 1994 book: The Quality RoadMap (Amacon, out of print). This book is intended as both an analytic tool, and a design tool. This was written/published in 2001 – but is based on earlier models and client work (AT&T Network Systems (Marketing) that was presented at ISPI in the mid-1990s.

Performance-based Employee Qualification/ Certification Systems – co-authored with former business partner Ray Svenson in 2008 – based on large-scale consulting projects done in 1987 for our clients, first for the oil field workers at Prudhoe Bay – and then again in 1994 on the Alaska Pipeline – both as a central component of a Pay Progression Program – where you were paid for your demonstrated capabilities – using Performance Tests only (unless regulations also required a Written Test).

Management Areas of Performance – written in 2004 but published in 2007 – based again on the L-C-S model and intended as a tool for self-use and/or use for subordinates. It goes beyond the typical Competency Model (of enablers) and looks first to terminal Performance as the starting point for definition, assessment and then development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Download, read, adapt and then use them – and please share your adaptations and thoughts with others!

And then – pay it forward.

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