2008 Video of Richard E. Clark, EdD – Research Topics at USC’s Center for Cognitive Technologies

15 minute Video excerpt from 2008 – Dick Clark discussing USC’s CCT’s research projects, products and some results about Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) – and commenting that Subject Matter Experts can miss up to 70% of what a novice really needs to perform because most SMEs are on automatic pilot in their performance.
[blip.tv ?posts_id=5090266&dest=-1]
And about research on training for dealing with  other cultures and how to train people in the Army – avatars trying to date others’ avatars is the interesting twist to this approach. And on Guided Experiential Learning (GEL).
And about SLT – Situational Leadership Theory. And about SOP – Sense of Presence – regarding the authenticity of training/learning. Do you learn more? Also known as the “suspension of disbelief.” And about “See One – Do One – Teach One” used in training surgeons – and after conducting a CTA – combined GEL with CTA.
See the full 1-hour, 2 minute video on YouTube here.
Note: Dick Clark will be one of  the keynote speakers at ISPI 2012 in Toronto next year (April).
Richard E. Clark, Ed.D.
Co-Director, Center for Cognitive Technologies

Richard E. ClarkClark’s interest is in the design and application of research on complex learning, performance motivation and the use of technology in instruction. His most recent books include:Handling Complexity in Learning Environments: Theory and Research (2006, Elsevier, with Jan Elen; Turning Research Into Results: A Guide to Selecting the Right Performance Solutions (2002, CEP Press, with Fred Estes) which received the 2003 International Society for Performance Improvement Award of Excellence and Learning from Media: Arguments, Analysis and Evidence (2001, Information Age Publishers). In 2002, he won the Thomas F. Gilbert distinguished professional achievement award from ISPI and in 2003 he received the Socrates award for excellence in teaching in the Rossier School of Education. He is an elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 15, Educational Psychology), a Fellow in the Association of Applied Psychology and a Founding Fellow of the American Psychological Society. He teaches courses in adult learning theory, motivation research and instructional design.

Clark can be reached at clark@usc.edu      Personal Home Page

Center for Cognitive Technologies web site:


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3 comments on “2008 Video of Richard E. Clark, EdD – Research Topics at USC’s Center for Cognitive Technologies

  1. I used to wonder how I could make my project-based learning classes more effective. Now I know: fully guided instruction to novices, gradually moving to less guided projects for advanced students. It’s not either lecture or project. It’s knowing when to back off with adequate practice supported with feedback. Oh, the students who learned so little in my previous classes…. Steve McCrea, ITDE doctoral student EDDSteve@gmail.com I particularly like the 2012 article by Clark, Kirschner and Sweller in American Education. a good metaphor is worth 10,000 photos (as Dan Pink observes)


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