You’ll Get Blisters On Your Fingers! Me too!

James Taylor – yes him – Sweet Baby James – has FREE guitar lessons online!

Get them here at his official site.

Time to get out/dust off one or more of my 3 guitars (not the Hofner Beatle Bass – which I’ll probably never even attempt to learn) – and tune it/them. How many years has it been since I spent any serious time playing?

How many minutes have I spent strumming in the last 7 years? Probably about an hour in total. Fail!

Don’t even remember Stairway to Heaven – which Navy Shipmate Dennis McCain taught me back in 1974 on the USS Okinawa.

May have to drag one of those acoustic guitars out on my boat – and maybe the rocking in the waves will help with my recall on rocking with that Led Zeppelin classic!

It’s not just a theory!

A new spin to Boat Learning!

# # #

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