Novices Need Direct Instruction – Not Endless Openness

You can be too “opportunity rich.” Imagine being new to a role/job – and you are told to figure it out on your own. maybe you have some key words from your almost worthless Job Description – written by HR’s real big deal need to pay equitably – but not written for your to figure out what to do, when and how.

So you “search” using those terms. And have 300,000 hits. Cool huh?

Not really. Where an Expert could use advanced search functionality to winnow that down to meaningful content for their context – the Novice cannot.

And if Experts cannot tell you what they do, and how they do it, and why they do it – better than 30% of what a Novice truly needs to perform – then asking your neighbor or someone in your crowd for their wisdom isn’t going to be sufficient or efficient either – unless perhaps you get a gaggle of them together and listen why they has it out – and self-correct and add to what each other are saying about “what you should do, how and why.”

What’s best in your situation?

As always – it depends.

And that’s the hard truth.

# # #

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