A Novel Advance Organizer

Some jobs are just so complex that explainin’ it ain’t easy. Or ‘splaining’ it – as Ricky Ricardo would say – back in the day…

Back in 1986 I found a unique/ novel way to do that ‘splainin’ for the new Product Manager’s of AT&T Network Systems: A Novel – a year in the fictitious life of 3 Product Planners.

While my Client’s Training Advisory Board wasn’t so keen on the idea at first – and were pretty sure that no one would want to read this 100-ish page overview of the job – they let me do this – and paid me for this – because I was persistent and had  been doing great work for them up until this point.

Here is a write up about that effort by Mark Bade – the writer I had hired to do the actual writing of this to my design and input. This was published in the Chicago Chapter of ISPI’s Newsletter in January 1990 – back when ISPI was NSPI (my how time flies!).

They were really amazed when this – a paper document – nicely bound – was one of the more popular of the self-paced readings on the front end of the Curriculum Architecture Design I had done for them in 1986. This was one of the modular Events called out in that performance-based Learning Path design.

It was a Novel way to help the Learners get their heads around something very complex – dealing with 8 functions of their job in one of many life-cycle stages – and perhaps dealing with many different products and customer segments and sales channels, etc., etc.

Here is the CAD T&D Path for that effort (the Path was updated in 1989):

And here is a link to a quick 12 minute video – the first Event on this T&D Path – to initially get them ready to learn to get them ready to perform.

Also pretty unique at the time.

But the R for the I was pretty significant.

# # #

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