The Wallace 6-Pack of Books for Moving From Training to Performance-based Training to Performance Improvement Consulting

3 are done and 3 are in the works…

The 6 Books of the 6-Pack Series are:
1. The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook – a book defining the job in performance competence terms for adapting to your specific performance context, in an Enterprise Learning Context.
2. Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements – a “how to” book for Instructional and Performance Improvement analysts for defining the performance competence requirements and their enablers – and assessing the provisioning systems for those enablers beyond but including knowledge and skills.
3. Performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design – a “how to” book for the project planning, managing, analysis and design of a performance-based, modular Curriculum Architecture Design.
4. Performance-based Modular Curriculum Development – a “how to” book for the project planning, managing, analysis, design and development of performance-based, modular instructional and Informational Content.
5. Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence – a book for defining one’s managerial and leadership job performance in performance competence terms and defining the key enablers – and for designing a Management & Leadership Curriculum – and/or one’s own development plan.
6. From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting – a Process & Practices Maturity Assessment and Organizational Readiness Assessment guide – and a planning guide for moving your organization from Training to performance-based Training to Performance Improvement Consulting processes and practices.


They each stand on their own – and work together. Ordering info here.

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