Aligning to the Voice of the Customer at 3 Levels

This is from my Encore Session from 2003 (2002 had been rated in the top 10 from the end of session evaluations)

The Alignment at 3 Levels Example Model

Aligning with the Enterprise voice of the customers at Level 1 means. . .

  • You are “wired” into the more critical, strategic needs of the enterprise, and your contribution and results are seen as adding value
  • Your enterprise leaders are “governing” your ISD/ HPT focus and providing timely and sufficient resources
    • They influence “what” and “when” but not usually “how” to conduct the project
    • They own the “business decisions” inherent in ISD/HPT program management, planning, and project conduct

When and How to Align Informally . . . 

  • When your situation is less complex
  • Enterprise leaders can be interviewed in their offices or at lunch/dinners, and the business issues and needs solicited and feedback gathered on prior effort

When and How to Align Formally . . .

  • When your situation is more complex
  • A “Board of Governors” can be formed to formally meet to set strategic direction, review functional needs, allocate resources, and review results
  • Or you can get on the agenda of any routine meetings of the enterprise executives for their input, decision-making, and results review


For the 2003 ISPI Conference 29 page Presentation PDF – please go here.

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