Being Proactive and Able to Be Reactive As Well – in ISD Systems/Functions

Tweet of mine from June 21: 

Most Training requests to solve performance problems should be “suspected” – Most Training requests for the new hires should be “expected.”

Most of the requests we get from clients for Training/Learning, to help them solve their performance problems – is because we were all too lax and not proactive enough to have addressed what, with these Requesters of Training/Learning, it can do – and cannot do. And avoid attempting to do with Training/Learning – what it cannot do effectively and efficiently – if ever. It cannot make up for an improper “balance of consequences” in the environment.

Are you proactive enough – and collaborative enough – in shaping your strategies and your plans – and in shaping your processes and practices. Are you in need of “getting aligned” – and need to continually to get re-aligned – routinely – or as needed/when needed. Can you predict and be proactive for some – and then also be reactive for the rest? Are you set up for that?

Our connections with our internal clients – our customers and other stakeholders – are informal. Too informal. On demand – by them. In conflict – with others demands. Outstrip our resources. Our situation is unpredictable. Currently.

Might you be interested in a quick, effective and efficient  ways to get in sync with your customer and other key stakeholders? And a model for getting “the rest of your house in order?”

That would be covered in this other new book of mine – to be out soon, real soon –

The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook

At the Core of a Curriculum Manager’s Performance Competence Requirements

are the architecture, development and deployment

of performance-enabling Instructional and Informational Content

Plus there are “other things” to be managed beyond the design, development and deployment of performance enabling Content – reflecting the authentic performance Context of a Curriculum Manager – by any title.

This book is for those in an Enterprise Learning context who are responsible for making the right instruction and information available to key performers either during the moment of need – and/or before the moment of need.

Book length – approximately 264 pages.

Soon to be available as a Paperback (before the end of June) and later as a Kindle book as well.

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