6 New Books Enable The PACT Processes

PACT is intended for an Enterprise Learning Context for critical performers in critical business processes.

There are 5 methodology-sets in the PACT Processes for T&D, Learning and Knowledge Management, including three levels of Design along with common Analysis and Project Planning & Management models, methods, tools and techniques.

PACT – a set of ISD methods – is an acronym:

PACT has been proven in decades of applications by hundreds of Practitioners with over a dozen of my clients going back to the mid 1980s. I recently reconfigured and updated several books and column series into 6 new books.

6 New Books

The following six books are currently available as paperbacks (and soon as Kindles) via Amazon’s CreateSpace e-store. Clicking on each book will take you to a page on this site with more information, Table of Contents, etc.

For the Manager wanting to embrace these methods – adopted or adapted – I have written The Curriculum Manager’s Handbook:

For the Manager wanting to move From Training To Performance Improvement Consulting – I am writing this book (should be out by the end of the month):

For the Analyst for both Instructional needs and Performance Improvement needs I have written this next book on Analysis of Performance Competence Requirements:

For the Project Planner/Manager and Designer of CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design I have this book out on Performance-based Curriculum Architecture Design:

For the Project Planner/Manager and Designer of MCD – Modular Curriculum Development I have this book out on Performance-based Modular Curriculum Development:

And for those wanting to create a management/leadership development program based on the Performance Competence requirements – and not based on a set of generic Competencies – or need to conduct an analysis of management/leadership performance – or develop their own management development plan based on their performance context – I wrote this book on Developing Your Management Areas of Performance Competence:

For more about these six books – please go here.

For information about related Workshops and Coaching Sessions – please go here.


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