Boat Learning – When I’m Mobile – And In the Slip Too!

I’ve been having a “little fun” with my random “Boat Learning” series of posts on Facebook – as I “ridicule/make fun of” all of the promoted variations on Learning:

  • Mobile Learning or M-Learning or mLearning
  • E-Learning or eLearning
  • etc.

All in the Thiagi-inspired approach to not taking ones-self too seriously. Seriously.

Part of this is my decade + bemusement with the then “new-fangled focus on Learning” versus the “old-fangled focus on Training.”

All from the misappropriation of the “Learning Organization” language of Peter Senge (see an old post from me on that – here). I saw many (almost all now) of my client organizations – I’ve had over 60 including over 40 F500 firms in that listing) – and the rest of the Training world – change their names as if in a witness protection program.

To hide their guilt – for many – and to be hip and happening – for the rest.

As someone schooled less Formally back in the late 1970s in performance-based Training – where Learning was central to sustained and/or improved Performance – where the 4th (then 5th) levels of the EVALUATION was where you started in the first place: PERFORMANCE – which nowadays I refer to as Performance Competence – the ability to Perform Tasks to Produce Outputs to Stakeholder Requirements.

And then – in evaluation – one went backwards 4-3-2-1 –  but only “If” you were having problems at level 4. Why? Because measurement and reporting is expensive. Especially meaningful measurements.  Of which there is too little as too few know what those Performance Competence requirements are (really).

Just as I never bought into Level 5 as ROI – as Level 4 had been ROI since 1979 for me personally. I mean what else would be a Result – from a business perspective? I know that that’s not true for everyone however – that view from a business perspective.

Which is why one of the first things I must do – because so few are declarative about this – is figure out if a post, article, book, etc. is talkin’ ’bout an Enterprise Learning Context – or a Educational Learning Context, or a Personal Learning Context – otherwise it’s difficult to figure out if this post/ article/book/etc. is valid (in the Context) or rubbish if over-generalized.

But I digress (dLearning?).

Training is for Learning is for Performance – in an Enterprise Learning Context.

And also in most Educational Learning Contexts and Personal Learning Contexts. BTW – Boat Learning is a Personal Learning Context. I’m not going for a degree or meaningful Certificate – nor will I advance my professional career or perform better on the job – by virtue of my Boat Learning – unless of course I am able to translate learnings from Boating to Work – according to Richard E. Clark – only 15% of folks can do so: learn in one context and apply to another.  Which is why authenticity of the context – in INFOs, DEMOs and APPOs is so important. Which is why good Analysis is so important.

And given that SMEs will miss up to 70% of what a novice needs to perform – even if they are told that – even I guess if they have Bob Mager’s figurative gun at their heads – they can’t do it – you cannot just take the word of your assigned SME! They can’t do better than that. I learned that lesson in 1981 at Motorola. I got burned in Pilot-Test sessions too many times believing what my SME told me – which is why I learned – and why I shifted back to a Group Process for conducting Analysis – which led to a Group Process to Design – enabling Rapid Development where you could divide and conquer the Development portion-of-the-process better – or the Curating portion if that content already exists. Which I call Reuse rather than Curating.

Why is my Boat not in the water in the photo above taken just yesterday? It’s back on land for repairs. Which is where it was before the recent US holiday.

More Learning to do – for my son-in-law – and for myself.

Boat Learning.

Been there before myself with home repairs, cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, basketball nets and flower beds. And a million other things I would imagine. So that they too would all Perform better. It’s never about Learning for the sake of Learning – or Training for the sake of Training – it’s been about Performance and Rewards Achieved and Risks Avoided.

How about for you?

Is Learning your end-goal? Or is for some other terminal objective (3-part behavioral or otherwise)?

My Boat Learning isn’t for the sake of Learning. It all about Performance! On the water – moving or simply sitting in its slip!

# # #

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