Is The Data Informing Your Business Systems – Good Enough?

Depending on what data, hard data or soft data, you use to inform your HR and Learning and Performance Improvement business systems – you’ll get what that data drives: authenticity – or something else, something generalized.

My Analysis data and the methods used to generate that data – was intended to limit its scope to Instructional Design when it needed to be limited – and to be easily extended to impact all business systems by capturing data about the other enablers for the business’ processes – to eventually get back to the systems/processes that provision those enablers at the point of the process application.

Can your analysis data give you insight back to the adequacy (or not) of the systems that enable the process or processes?

I’ve always been a process kind of guy. That’s my focus in this new book – which is an excerpt and update to content from my lean-ISD book (1999).

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