What Else Can Your Instructional Analysis Do If Adapted? Can It Help With The Redesign Of Jobs And The Organization?

Moving from Training to Performance Improvement Consulting is easier if you are starting from a position of doing performance-based Training than some other kind of Training.

Let’s look at Organization & Job Design or Redesign.

One client used my PACT methods – as I had explained that they could be used – to redesign two jobs into three – for an ROI of 360% worth millions of dollars. I merely coached the project at the very beginning – and once they got started the path forward was pretty logical.

See the write-up on this in one of my old newsletters from the spring of 2000 here – starting on page 5.

I created the PACT methods from the very beginning to be a sub-set of my EPPI methods – ISD being a subset of HPT. I wanted my staff consultants to conduct our ISD efforts – and be able to serve our clients in addressing the performance gaps uncovered in analysis that were caused by “other than Knowledge/Skill deficits” if the client needed help in tackling those too.

Sometimes it is necessary to address the non-K/S issues prior to addressing the K/S issues – in fact most of the time.

The analysis methods are covered in my new book – out last month.

The journey From Training to Performance Improvement Consulting is the subject of my next book – which I hope to have out by the end of this month (July).

For more information on those two books – and the 4 other new books – please go here.

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