What Does a Curriculum Manager Do? Performance-Wise?

Although the job title might vary, from Curriculum Manager, to Learning Manager, to Training Manager, to Learning Portfolio Manager, to Talent Development Manager, to Chief Learning Officer…

But whatever the job title:

At the Core of a Curriculum Manager’s Performance Competence Requirements are the architecture, development and deployment of performance-enabling Instructional and Informational Content. 

That includes development/acquisition of performance-enabling Content, with an authentic Context, for use before and/or during the moment of need.

And also achieves these 7 Benefits/Returns for the Investments

Here is the cover of my new book (2011) on this important role in an Enterprise Learning Context…

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgments i
1 What Does a Curriculum Manager Do? 1
2 AoP: Stakeholder Needs Assessment & Alignment 27
3 AoP: Strategic Planning & Management 53
4 AoP: Operations Planning & Management 65
5 AoP: Results Measurement 79
6 AoP: Improvement Planning 95
7 AoP: Communications 107
8 AoP: Product & Service Line Design 120
9 AoP: Product & Service Line Development 143
10 AoP: Product & Service Line Deployment 169
11 AoP: Process Design & Redesign 193
12 AoP: Human Assets 203
13 AoP: Environmental Assets 222
14 AoP: Special Assignments 241
15 Summary & Close 247
16 Additional Related Resources & Reference 254

This might be a familiar model of mine:


However you carve up and manage your processes – it’s all about meeting the priorities of your Enterprise, your Critical Business Issues.


For information about this book – including ordering via Amazon’s CreateSpace e-store – please go on-site here. For info on some of my other books please go here.

Retirement Book Pricing 2016-03

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